What we do

RAU aims to be a strategic and engaging partner for leaders who are building the schools and organisations of tomorrow, today. The challenge of 21st Century learning and the skills needed in the future demands that we develop the entire learning environment: culture, pedagogy, leadership as well as physical och digital learning environments.

What makes us good at what we do? -Experience, ambition and the ability to make things happen. Our experience tells us that change can happen fast when we decide to actually do things. Our clients often tells us that this is what we are best at: creating a sense of urgency and to get things going, creating strategies people believe in and putting them into action.

Some of the things we do:

Consultancies in municipalities and schools. Identifying development areas, analyzing organisations and creating plans for improvement. This is often done in work shop formats with great attention to the development of the management teams, strategies are great but it’s people that make change happen.

Facilitators and speakers. We are regularly engaged as speakers at conferences in Sweden and internationally -please contact us f if you want to know more about our topics! As facilitators we want to add edge and context to the venues we take part in.

SETT -Scandinavian Educational Technology Transformation is the largest conference on Modern and Innovative learning, taking place in Stockholm, Malmoe and Oslo every year. A meeting point for spreading ideas and networking for leaders and educators.

Skolsnack/Schoolchat: Sweden’s largest podcast on school development and learning. We broadcast a range of programs, from really nerdy editions on research to live shows from venues in Sweden and abroad. Our byline is ”Serious but fun”. Our aim is to support the learning community and to make great people and practices known to a wider audience.